So you want to get married in Hope Church. Wonderful! We are eager to help you! Here is a quick summary of what you need to do to get started.

• Carefully read this information so that you are certain you are comfortable with our policies and beliefs.
• Contact the church office and fill out the application forms.
• The office will check the church calendar to see if your dates are open and, if so, get your reservations recorded.
• The office will put you in touch our Pastor who will discuss your wedding at Hope Church and make arrangements for pre-marital counseling.
• Once your wedding has been approved we will have our wedding coordinator meet with you to work through the details of your big day, including: arranging for musicians, decorations, and reception.

Summary of Wedding Fees: 

• Rental fee – donation only
• Set-up fee: Set-up requiring the support of the HEFC Building and Grounds Team will incur the following expenses if:
• Clearing the multi-purpose room (mpr) of chairs (repositioning inc.) $140
• Clearing the mpr and setting up tables (repositioning inc.) $160
• Members will be given the opportunity to do their own set-up work and avoid the fee.
• Audio-visual technician fee – $20 per hour
• Wedding coordinator fee – $150
• Rental fee – multi-purpose room only – $350
• Multi-purpose room & kitchen – $450
• Set-up fee – Set-up requiring the support of the HEFC Building and Grounds Team will incur the following expenses if:
• Clearing the multi-purpose room of chairs (repositioning inc.) $140
• Clearing the mpr and setting up tables (repositioning inc.) $160
• Other set-up needs (time est. by B & G Team) $20/hr
• Audio-visual technician fee – $20 per hour
• Wedding coordinator fee – $150


It is customary to also pay something to the pastor, soloist and musicians. We suggest the following:
• Pastor: $100 for wedding only, or $200 for wedding and counseling
• Soloist: $75, unless new music has been required
• Pianist: $75, unless new music has been required or they also play for the reception

A $50 deposit will be collected at the time the reservation is made. The remainder of the payment is due a week before your wedding. Checks for use of the building should be made out to Hope EFC.

Please treat the facility as if it were your own. The following rules will apply:
• Users will be responsible for any damage to the building, furnishings, or equipment.
• No smoking in the facility
• No alcoholic beverages or other drugs are allowed on the property
• No unauthorized use of the audio-visual equipment

Here are some very important wedding policy issues you need to know:

• Three months advance notice is required, six months is preferred.
• At least 5 sessions of premarital counseling are required.*
• At the first counseling session, the pastor will ask if you are living together. If you are, he will not be able to do your wedding unless you commit to moving apart.
• At the first counseling session the pastor will ask you both to share your belief in Christ. We will marry only believers to believers (2 Corinthians 6:14-16).
• If either couple has been divorced, we will need to know the circumstances leading to the divorce before we will agree to perform the wedding.
• We will allow services conducted by pastors not from our church, but any ceremony in our sanctuary needs to be consistent with the values and beliefs of our congregation and approved by our elder board.
• We will not allow any weddings after 6:00 pm on Saturday evenings.

*Premarital Counseling. You will be asked to complete the Taylor Johnson Temperament Analysis (TJTA) or the Prepare/Enrich Inventory ($30). Other books and videos will be recommended.

The Reasons Behind Our Marriage Policy
We have a very high view of marriage.

God established marriage in the garden. In Genesis 2:24,25 it says:
“For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh. The man and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame.”

The Biblical standard is one man and one woman for a lifetime.
The families formed from the marriage vows are the most basic unit in society. Our entire culture rises and falls on the strength or weakness of our marriages and the homes they create.
Marriage and the family is God’s primary training tool to teach people how to love. For those who cooperate with His plan the marriage relationship can be the greatest source of satisfaction that life has to offer. But conversely, it has the potential to create the worst life has to offer for those who disobey His design of love.
God uses the marriage relationship to picture our relationship with Him. We must keep marriages pure so as to keep the picture of the relationship between God and man pure.
The Bible prohibits any kind of one flesh relationship outside of marriage (Hebrews 13:4).

We as a church are committed to raising up disciples of Jesus Christ. If you are interested in establishing a Christian home built upon the principles of Scripture, then we want to help you.

Marriage Within the Christian Community
We believe that marriage is both a spiritual covenant with God and the church and a civil contract before society. Marriage is a covenant in the sense that both parties vow to commit themselves by God’s grace to each other for life. Marriage is a civil contract in which the couple declares their intention to live by the laws of the state.

As a Christian couple lives out the commitment of their marriage vows, the positive consequences for themselves and others are almost unparalleled. They demonstrate the beauty of God’s truths concerning faith, commitment, hope and love for one another, for Christ, for our children, for the Christian community and to those yet to respond to Christ.

• We believe that believers should marry believers. 2 Cor. 6:14-16
• We believe in sexual abstinence before marriage. Heb. 13:4
• If living together, we ask you to separate. Eph. 5:3
• If divorced, we need to know the circumstances before we say yes to remarriage. Matt. 19:1-9 1 Cor. 7:10-16